New publication in Geosphere

Former M.S. student Andy Tholt (now at UC Berkeley) has published his thesis research in Geosphere. In this work, Andy combined field mapping with metamorphic petrology and garnet and monazite geochronology to constrain the boundaries between different tectonic domains in the Famatina margin of Argentina. The results revise existing correlations between metamorphic domains and require that strike-slip deformation played an important role in the tectonic history of this region.

Maz shear zone

Andrew Tholt, Sean R. Mulcahy, William C. McClelland, Sarah M. Roeske, Vinícius T. Meira, Patricia Webber, Emily Houlihan, Matthew A. Coble, Jeffrey D. Vervoort; Metamorphism of the Sierra de Maz and implications for the tectonic evolution of the MARA terrane. Geosphere 2021; doi:

The funding for this work was provided by the NSF EAR Division of Earth Sciences Grant # 1550110.