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Exporting QGIS maps

Notes on how to export QGIS maps to pdf or svg using the Map Composer. These are pretty quick and dirty - written while exporting topo maps for Argentina field work.

QGIS Map Composer

  • Start a map from QGIS Desktop
    • Project > New Print Composer (Ctl + P)
    • Name map
  • Print Composer: add map
    • In composition tab, set paper size and orientation
    • Layout > Add Map (or button on sidebar)
    • Draw rectangle to fill desired portion of page
  • Adjust map scale and center
    • Item properties tab: change scale to zoom region
    • Layout > Move content to center map
  • Add a scale bar
    • Layout > Add scale bar (or button on side bar)
    • Adjust scale in Item properties tab
  • Add font/title
    • Layout > Add label (or button on side bar)
    • Adjust font, alignment with Item properties tab
  • Add grid
    • Select map image
    • Item Properties tab > Add grid
    • Adjust to add cross or zebra and set spacing in m
    • Draw coordinates and adjust format

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