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Faculty Development Summer Grant Workshop (Day 5)

This workshop is the result of a Faculty Summer Development grant from WWU to Pete Stelling and me. Our goal is to revise Mineralogy (GEOL 306) from a classically taught approach to a process oriented framework using the context of mineral evolution.

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Workshop goals, objectives, and expectations

The purpose of this workshop is to support faculty participating in the Faculty Development Summer Grant with the transformation of a course or course materials. Faculty will be acquainted with models, open-source resources, and ideas for web-based course enhancements. Both during and after the workshop, faculty will be provided with assistance and support for making these enhancements.

Peer review comments

  • break out skills vs concepts in the course plan
  • highlight specific skills used in each lab
  • work with writing center to develop writing workshops
  • develop online microscope skills tutorial
    • parts of the scope
    • plane light
    • polarized light
    • accessory plate
  • develop pre-labs

Cool things others are doing

  • R and Shiny apps to develop quantitate reasoning
  • Students develop class wikis
  • Incorporate weekly self evaluation after each lab
  • Pre-lab quizzes
  • Online discussion tools

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