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Faculty Development Summer Grant Workshop (Day 4)

This workshop is the result of a Faculty Summer Development grant from WWU to Pete Stelling and me. Our goal is to revise Mineralogy (GEOL 306) from a classically taught approach to a process oriented framework using the context of mineral evolution.

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Workshop goals, objectives, and expectations

The purpose of this workshop is to support faculty participating in the Faculty Development Summer Grant with the transformation of a course or course materials. Faculty will be acquainted with models, open-source resources, and ideas for web-based course enhancements. Both during and after the workshop, faculty will be provided with assistance and support for making these enhancements.



WWU CIAA Assessment and Outcomes
Tools and Techniques for Course Improvement

  • student performance improves with comments/feedback, rather than grades
  • how to create/write effective self-assessment activities/questions?
  • also have student reflect on the faculty or assignment/exam
    • what's helping your learning
    • what's hindering your learning
    • what do you suggest to improve future assignments/exam
  • give a mid-quarter class evaluation
    • course content
    • course style
    • course atmosphere
    • inclusiveness

Collaborative Resources

  • Office 365 and Sharepoint
    • students can create groups centered around course projects
      • shared files, calendar, notes, etc
  • Google Docs
    • personally I prefer the UI to O365, but difficult to include figures with captions in term papers
  • Wordpress

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